VFX Supervision - TV Series

VFX Supervision

  • DIrector: Bobby Boermans
  • Client: Planet X Creative Visual Effects
  • Production Company: The Storytellers
  • Producers: Errol Nayci
  • VFX Supervisors PlanetX: Dennis Kleyn, Albert van Vuure, Peppijn Schroeijers
  • VFX Supervision LADS VFX: Luuk Meijer

We helped our friends at Planet X with the VFX supervision for the Dutch TV series “Hoogvliegers”. Due to the technically difficult nature of the VFX shots, a lot of planning, testing and pre-production was needed. How do you shoot inside an F-16 cockpit? How do we shoot fast passing fighter jets? How do we combine all this stuff together? These where only some of the questions…

Hoogvliegers (2020) | Official Trailer | Nu te zien op NPO Start
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