About the LADS
We are LADS, a Visual Effects studio based in Amsterdam.

Lean and mean

Luuk Meijer and David van Heeswijk are running a boutique sized VFX studio in Amsterdam. After working together for more than 13 years we decided to pair up and start LADS Visual Effects in 2022.

Together with our network of specialist we create high-end visual effects for Film, Commercials, 3d animated films, and other visual projects.

We both have years of experience in VFX for high-end productions with numerous clients and projects.

As a small visual effects studio with a lean and mean approach, we pack a serious punch.

Our Services

VFX Supervision

Our role as a VFX supervisor is to translate your ideas into visual images. This can be something as a “in camera” solution, to a full CG shot, or something completely in between. The lads are here to advice you about the best approach. 

We manage all aspects of the project, from the first bid, planning and resources to leading our VFX team and finishing the project on time and within budget.


We have over a decade of experience in compositing for high end film or commercial work, ranging from full CG shots, keying, stereoscopic 3D, clean up, set extensions, CG integration and complex tracking shots.


Digital vehicles, characters, set extensions, landscapes, you name it, we render it! For all 3D work we use Houdini as our main package. In conjunction with our custom build pipeline this gives us massive flexibility and power. It’s not uncommon for us to work on loads of shots with only a few people…

FX and simulation

We lit the occasional garbage bin when we where youngsters, so it’s only natural that FX simulations are a passion of us. Now we still blow stuff up. Digitally that is… with Houdini.