Visual Effects - TV Series
Dome 16

VFX Supervision and Compositing

  • Director: Daniel Voldheim
  • Production Company: Storyline (Oslo), Big Blue (Amsterdam)
  • Producers: Eric Vogel, Fleur Winters, Leonie Rothermund
  • VFX Supervisors: David van Heeswijk and Luuk Meijer
  • Comp Artists: Bobby de Boer, Alrik Wiggers, Pim Meijer

In close collaboration with Storyline Films (Norway) and Big BLue (The Netherlands) we crafted 172 VFX shots for Kuppel 16 (Dome16). A 10 episode dystopian sci-fi series. We created cityscapes, mattepaintings, transportation pods, drones and much more.

Also, the hard work from the whole VFX team paid off by winning the award for best Visual Effects at Gullruten 2023 (Golden Screen Annual Norwegian TV industry prices).

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